Publisher's Opinion-

Novemberber 2018 Edition
The Tale of Retail!

The Internet has been available for both commercial and personal applications for a couple decades now but the changes they created are astounding.
When my children were growing up, Christmastime meant running to the stores and finding that perfect gift–the gift our children prayed for, tried to be good for, and would cherish for the year. Then there was the wrapping, hiding, and finally sticking under the Christmas tree. The anticipation of opening the presents was a large part of the fun.
THEN–the Internet happened. Online gaming became big with the children. My son played online with friends from the comfort of his bedroom. They didn’t even have to be together anymore. He even gamed with his cousin who lives in California.
Suddenly Christmas shopping went from instore visitation to online downloads in order to upgrade the now old and obsolete game or to purchase the new “better and greater” game. Christmas suddenly became, “Daddy, I need your credit card!” The holiday excitement changed.
Many purchases are now done by computer. Even software has gone from hard copies you had to install to programs available to rent monthly in the cloud.
Anyway, we all see what has happened to the brick and mortar stores. Many have fallen and many more are struggling to stay in operation. This is where innovation has come to the rescue. Malls that looked like they were in serious trouble are reinventing themselves. The big box retailers are fewer today so reconfiguring some large spaces into smaller stores has been one solution.
Some stores have taken the, “Can’t beat them, join them,” attitude as they work with online retailers to handle their returns. Others offer discounts to buy online and have ready for pick-up at their store.
One mall has even redeveloped the space into a large apartment complex. People come home from work and the retail stores offering everything their hearts desire are just a few steps away.
Online retailing has grown into a large industry, but the fact is, most retail purchases are done at actual stores. Retailers and store managers will continue to look for innovative ways to attract buyers into their stores. We have certainly entered a new era in how we purchase goods, but instore purchasing will be around for a long time to come.
We are now working on our December Holiday Issue. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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