Publisher's Opinion-

April 2017 Edition
The Greening of Chicago

In April, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has committed to power all city buildings 100 percent with renewable energy by 2025. This would make Chicago the largest major city in the country to be totally self-powered.
Mayor Emanuel made the commitment from the top of the Shedd Aquarium which recently installed 900 solar panels in its commitment to reduce its energy dependance 50 percent by 2020. The Shedd Aquarium also retrofitted 1,000 light bulbs to LEDs and installed a 60,000 pound, one megawatt battery on its property.
Total energy independence is a very aggressive plan but Chicago has a strong head start. Boasting one of the first rooftop green gardens on top of City Hall, Chicago has been pushing its green foot print ever since.
Twelve Chicago Public Schools have been retrofitted with solar panels since 2009. The Park District and the City Colleges already receive the majority of their electricity from renewable sources.
Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine featured Chicago’s oldest fire station, Engine 18, in its April 2009 edition. With 113 fire stations and over 22 exceeding 75 years old, the City has been replacing these old buildings with new, self-sustaining fire houses.
Chicago had reduced its carbon emissions by 7 percent between 2010 and 2015. In 2013, the City eliminated all coal usage from the one billion kilowatt hours in electricity it bought annually, contributing to the reduction of those emissions. This was during a time when Chicago saw a 25,000 increase in population and a twelve percent growth in the city’s economy and job markets.
Additional areas Chicago is working on includes the Smart Lighting Project. Starting in the West and South sides, 270,000 of its light fixtures will be replaced and will be adding a management system giving the City a state-of-the-art smart lighting grid.
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by Roger Krieg
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