Publisher's Opinion-

September 2017 Edition
Think Safety In September!

September is a special month for many reasons but there is one important item I would like to mention. September is Safety Month. This is the month all managers should review company safety procedures and if you don’t have procedures–get them.
No matter the size of the building you represent or the number of people using your property, your reputation and liability are always on the line.
One of the most vulnerable positions is a residential sales agent alone in a property where their job is to invite strangers in to view their listed property. Not knowing who will walk into your listing should be a concern a broker/owner must consider.
REALTOR® Associations offer classes on safety procedures so that your lonely agent can be prepared if the worst case scenario were to come their way. Here are some tips the associations recommend:
• Property showings should be by appointment only and the prospective buyer should come to the office first. Getting a copy of their drivers license would prove the sincerity of the buyer.
• Don’t wear expensive jewelry. Why tempt a stranger?
• If the buyer needs to meet you at the property first, have an associate or friend be with the agent for the meeting?
• The sales rep should always let the office know when they are meeting a new client at a property site.
• Always know the property you are showing. Know all the exits and the areas where you could get cornered.
• Keep your cell phone charged and within easy access.
• Don’t turn your back on the buyers. Let them lead you through the property.
• Open curtains and turn on lights. Make the interior of the property as visible as possible.
• Asking the police to keep an eye on the property when you have an open house could scare would-be attackers.
• Listen to your intuition. If you feel uncomfortable, have someone you know stop in to be with you.
Most robberies and attacks happen when the perpetrator feels most comfortable. Always be aware and be safe!
We are now working on our Residential Issue. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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