Publisher's Opinion-

January 2018 Edition
Technology Found, Technology Lost

Happy New Year to all!
The way we do business changes dramatically almost daily consider communication. Within the last ten years fax machines have become almost obsolete. Cell phones have become a powerful alternative to fax machines and almost everything else.
Cell phones today exceed the processing power of the mightiest computers from ten years ago. Being able to reach people anytime, anywhere is perhaps the greatest advantage. Being out in the field with the ability to call anyone, anytime is equally important.
There are many advantages to being able to connect directly with people, speed being the most obvious. Another big advantage of cell phones is when you hire a new employee, they come with all their previous contacts. The bad news is when an employee leaves, they take all their contacts with them.
While cell phones have revolutionized communication, they also have revolutionized the headache. A big disadvantage of cell phones is the ability, or inability, to control the massive number of phone numbers a company needs to control. An example was when I called a large bank and asked for a specific department. I got transferred to a cell number and the employee I reached is now working for a competing bank. The worst part is that they have worked for this new bank for over six months and were enjoying their original bank sending them leads.
One of the greatest curiosities of our time is when you call a main phone line to so many companies. How often do you hear the same message year after year: Please listen carefully, our menu options have changed! I think this shows that so many companies are overwhelmed with the massive number of phone lines so they lose control or even ignore this important line of communication. You almost need a specific person just to control the phones.
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by Roger Krieg
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