Publisher's Opinion-

September 2018 Edition
September is Safety Month

Making a living selling real estate calls for a very open schedule. If you are meeting a stranger, security needs to be addressed. Although you may never meet a dangerous individual, always consider your safety.
If you are not the Taser-yielding, gun-slinging, pepper-spraying type, there are ways to be safe and not sorry. If you are a residential sales agent, you can often be in situations that compromise your safety. Here are some ideas to always remember.
• Have a potential buyer stop in the office and copy their drivers license before showing properties. Serious buyers should have no trouble with this.
• Know the property you are showing. If you are ever in a dangerous situation, knowing escape routes is critical. Never allow yourself to be cornered.
• Keep your cell phone charged and available at a moment’s notice.
• Don’t turn your back on the buyer. Let them lead you through the property.
• Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or having expensive clothes and purses (unless you have a brick in it.)
• If an unknown buyer wants to meet you at the property, have an associate with you.
• If you are meeting a buyer, always let your office know when and where.
• If you need to do an open house, ask the police if they would keep an eye on the property. This would help scare a potential attacker.
• Open curtains and turn on lights. Make yourself as visible to the outside as possible.
• Always trust your intuition. Don’t be afraid to have an associate meet you if you feel uncomfortable.
• People understand the world can be dangerous and will accept a someone’s safety precautions. If a buyer seems offended or their attitude seems demandingly aggressive, be alert!
• Use your association. They regularily hold seminars on safety and show ways to protect yourself.
Attacks and robberies will mostly happen when the perpetrator feels comfortable. Following safety procedures can be the difference between your safety or a different outcome. Be safe out there!
We are now working on our October Residential Issue. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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