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Upcoming Issues
New Construction
Movers & Shakers in Real Estate
The first issue of the year explores various new projects going on in the Chicagoland market. Projects include commercial, multi-family, and larger scale single-family projects. Special editorial covers different areas of expertise throughout the construction process. An additional feature of this issue is the successful Movers & Shakers in Real Estate section. This is a great opportunity to identify the key contact(s) within your organization.

Closes December 24, 2008

Yearly Business Review
Professional Services Directory
This issue offers advertisers double the space. Run a full page ad and get a full page editorial or run a full page and get a two page spread. These pieces make popular reprint marketing tools. This opportunity works for half page advertisers as well. An additional sales opportunity in this issue includes our Top Producers classified advertising. Let your Top Producers know they are important to you.

Closes January 30, 2009
Commercial Issue
Top Producers
Our first Commercial Issue of the year will cover all areas of commercial real estate from development, leasing, financing, sales, property management, and trends. In addition, this issue will run a Professional Services Directory. If you need a new vendor in a certain area, this directory can help. If you want to be listed in this directory, give us a call.

Closes February 27, 2009

Building GREEN
Property Management
Our April issue offers editorial stories from industry experts discussing building services, property management & Building GREEN. This issue also offers our very popular Property Management Directory.

Closes March 27, 2009

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