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Call For Display Ad Opportunities
Double Truck Rates & Special Promotional Packages Available
Please contact us by email for display ad rates or by phone at 630-257-2480
Ad Sizes Width Depth
Full Page 7" 10"
2/3 Page 4 5/8" 10"
Junior Page 4 5/8" 7 3/8"
1/2 Page (H)* 7" 4 7/8"
1/3 Page (V)** 2 1/4" 10"
1/3 Page (H)* 4 5/8" 4 7/8"
1/4 Page 3 1/2" 4 7/8"
1/6 Page (V)** 2 1/4" 4 7/8"
1/6 Page (H)* 4 5/8" 2 7/16"
Circulation Analysis
Commercial, Industrial and Residential Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Investors, Appraisers and Property Managers
Commercial and Mortgage Banks, Other Lending Institutions
General Contractors, Home Builders, Redevelopers, Developers, Architectural and Engineering Companies
Legal Firms, Insurance and Credit Reporting Companies
Economic Development and Other Govermental Agencies
Supply Companies and Building Services
Total Qualified Circulation
Note: Pass around readership of 3.5 per magazine and 2.5 per digital copy for a total readership of 29,362
Technical Data
Advertising Production Specifications
Publisher prefers digital files for highest quality reproduction. If you use a page layout program like QuarkXpress, InDesign, or Illustrator, please embed all graphics and fonts used in the document. Creating outlines will help eliminate problems from missing fonts. Graphics should be 300dpi (600dpi for line work) or greater to avoid loss of quality. Macintosh files are preferred. Please contact publisher for details on submission of PC/Windows documents. For Graphics, we recommend PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator files. Always supply the native graphic elements / files being used. Providing a full-size proof of your file helps the publisher provide you with a quality product and ensure your satisfaction. Camera-ready art with screens and pictures may not reproduce well. Notify publisher for clarification.
Approval of Proofs
Proofs will be deemed approved unless the publisher is notified before closing date.
Agency Commission
A commission of 15% of the gross revenue on space will be allowed to qualifying agencies when paid within 30 days. All copy and contracts must be approved by the publisher.
Closing Dates and Issuance
The closing dates for each issue are listed in the right sidebar. The publisher may request written instructions as to any ad placement.

Inserts will be accepted based on scheduling and size requirements. Please schedule inserts with publisher in advance of closing.

Mechanical Information
  • Print: Web-Fed offset presses
  • Paperstock: 70 pound stock
  • Binding: Saddle stitched
Storing of Materials
Materials may be destroyed after one year unless written instructions accompany the material.

Payment Terms
Invoices will be dated based on the issue date and are payable upon receipt. If agencies fail to pay in a timely fashion, the publisher reserves the option to collect from the advertiser.